Weapon Replacement Vote

Hi all, since we are reworking the TTT server we’d like to make a poll about the current weapons. We’d like your opinion on whether to keep the old CS:GO Weapons or replace them with M9K/CSS weapons. See the list below and cast your vote!

(Vote is at the bottom of the thread)

M9K / CSS Weapons


  • Better camo support (see images below)
  • More variety of weapons
  • Smaller download times


  • No c_hands support
  • No weapon specific skins

CS:GO Weapons


  • c_hands Support
  • Weapon specific skins
  • Easier weapon balance


  • Larger download times from skins
  • No individual bodygroups for camos (see images below)
  • Limited to only CS:GO weapons in weapon pool
    • Doesn’t fit the style if we were to add a mix of CS:GO weapons and M9K weapons

M9K Skin Example

CSGO Skin Example

M9K imo, can’t find the poll