Simple TTT - Spooktacular 2021

Hello everyone! I know there has not been much said since our launch in terms of the direction of the server unless you have been paying attention to #ttt-change-log and #ttt-showcase on Discord (which you totally should be because we’re constantly working on new things!) With that being said, I’d like to happily announce our first event (of many) which is the Halloween Spooktacular!

With this event we’ve made considerable changes to existing parts of our server in order to bring you a truly unique experience. For this year’s event, you will be working with your fellow terrorists to defeat the Pumpkin King! To encourage participation we’re awarding the top three damage dealing players with a bonus of the event currency, Pumpcoins. With Pumpcoins you’re able to buy limited-time items that may or may not ever return. Make sure to spend all of your Pumpcoins before the event ends, or they will disappear for good! Now, enough of me describing the event, seeing is believing! I’ve gone ahead and prepared a short video that showcases the event.

Also, the event is planned to release tonight and will run for two weeks - this may change but, we’ll see.

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